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Your Best Doggie Dental Care Options

If Fido will allow, the best way to keep up with day-to-day dental hygiene is by brushing his teeth for him. There are a variety of finger brushes available at your local pet store, that can be paired with a ‘delicious’ meat flavored toothpaste! The more chances you have to sit your pup down and give his teeth a good brushing, the better. Unfortunately, many dog’s are not so quick to allow a good teeth-brushing, but as a pet owner, you have other doggie dental care options.

Choose Dry Food

Plain and simple, choosing dry food over wet food can help scrape away some of that built up plaque. Plus, it’s less likely to adhere to your dog’s teeth and cause decay over time.

Purchase Chew Bones

There are a wide variety of dental chews out there on the market that are your pet will love. From raw-hides and bully sticks, to Greenies, Dentastix and more. Check with your local pet shop to choose the chew bones that are best for your pet.

Invest in Chew Toys

Similar to chew bones, chew toys are meant to strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums, while brushing away dirt and plaque. The good thing about these are that they’ll last a decent amount of time, unlike chew bones which can be gone in a matter of minutes with some dogs!

Schedule a Dental Exam

You might have a hard time getting your pet to sit still for a teeth cleaning, which is why we suggest bringing them into see our staff. Using a safe sedative, we’ll have your pet in and out with clean, pearly whites in no time — stress free and painless for the both of you!

For a limited time, your pet can enjoy a dental cleaning and bloodwork evaluation for only $350!

To learn more about our dental cleaning procedure, take a peek at the YouTube videobelow, starring Dr. Don Costlow, a vet at one of our sister hospitals, and his dog Mirage. Interested in booking a dental cleaning for your pet? Call Upper East Side Animal Hospital at 212-396-3020.

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