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Your 2017 Pet Wellness Checklist

New Year, New You – right? But what about your pets? While you’re busy setting your sights high with personal goals for the new year, remember to make some resolutions to help keep Fido and Fluffy healthy as well. To help, we’ve outlines a pet wellness checklist for you to follow as you head into 2017.

  • Schedule a physical. You get one for yourself every year (we hope!), so why wouldn’t you schedule one for your pet? Sticking to regular wellness visits can ensure your pet is in tip top shape for 2017, and beyond.
  • Check on vaccinations. Are your pet’s shots all up to date? If you haven’t been to the vet in a while, you may not be able to answer that. Aside from the traditional vaccinations –  bordetella, leptospirosis, rabies, etc. – your vet may also recommend additional vaccines based on your location and the places your pet often frequents.
  • Test for parasites. Fleas and heartworms are just two of the most common parasites that can wreak havoc on your poor pet. Having them examined and tested for these regularly will allow you to catch a pesky parasite early on.
  • Get a dental exam. Just like you, your pet’s teeth can become caked with plaque and plagued with decay if left uncared for. For more about our dental cleaning procedure, take a peek at this YouTube video, starring Dr. Don Costlow, a vet at one of our sister hospitals, and his dog Mirage.

If you live in Manhattan or the surrounding areas and are looking to set your pet up for success in the new year, Upper East Side Animal Hospital should be your first stop! We offer complete care for your pet, from routine check-ups, to dentistry and internal medicine. Our caring staff will treat your pet like family, because they are!

To learn more about our available treatments and services or to schedule an appointment, call 212-396-3020 today.

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