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Tips to Protect Your Dog from the Flu

The weather may be starting to warm up a bit, but we’re not out of the woods for flu season yet. That goes for Fido too! If you thought humans were the only ones who could suffer from a dreaded flu virus, you’d be mistaken.  In fact, he canine influenza is not only plagued by runny dog noses, coughs and sneezes, but it can be very dangerous to your pup as well.

Why is canine influenza so dangerous?

While it’s not necessarily life-threatening, canine influenza can often manifest itself in other ways, quickly turning into something more serious, like pneumonia.

What are the symptoms of canine influenza?

Sneezing, running noses and coughs are among the first signs that your pup may be feeling under the weather. You may also notice he seems more tired than usual and less inclined to eat. If you take his temperature, you may find he’s running a fever of 104-106°F.

What dogs are most likely to catch canine influenza?

Puppies and senior dogs have weakened immune systems, and are therefore more likely to catch the flu than others. Typically dogs with “smooshed faces,” like pugs and bulldogs, are more likely to deal with respiratory issues, which makes them a usual candidate for the flu. However, canine influenza doesn’t discriminate! Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are susceptible.

The good news is there’s a vaccine available to keep your pet healthy and out of harm’s way throughout the entirety of flu season. If you haven’t had your pet vaccinated yet, it’s never to late to pay a visit to your veterinarian!

For more information about the canine influenza vaccine and to find if it’s right for your dog, dial 212-396-3020 and give the vets at Upper East Side Animal Hospital a call.

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