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Safe Holiday Decorating Tips for Pets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we suspect it’s probably beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your home. With all the holiday cheer in the air, it’s easy to get so caught up in turning your house into a winter wonderland, that you can forget to keep your decor pet-friendly. That’s why we’re bringing you some simple tips to keep your decor both festive and safe.

Make sure your tree is secure.

That rickety old tree stand is on its last leg, but more importantly, it can be a hazard to an unsuspecting pet. Make sure to anchor your tree as best you can to keep it from tipping over on Fluffy or Fido this season – even if that means upgrading your tree stand to a newer model.

Keep an eye on the water.

The stagnant water around your tree’s base can collect tummy-turning bacteria, making it toxic to your pets. Instead of overfilling your tree base, fill it a bit at a time, that way the tree has a chance to drink it up. Also, keep an eye on your pet’s water bowl. Keeping it full of fresh water will make him or her less likely to go looking for other sources.

Step away from the mistletoe.

We don’t just mean avoiding standing under it! Ditching the mistletoe and holly from your holiday decor can help keep your pets safe. You may not realize, but there are actually many holiday plants that are harmful to dogs when ingested – holly, mistletoe and poinsettias included.

Trash that tinsel.

We know, it’s shiny and adds the perfect touch of sparkle to your Christmas decor. Unfortunately, it can also catch the eye of your kitties. Since tinsel of course isn’t edible, cats who nibble on it can develop obstructions in their digestive tract which can have some pretty severe consequences.

Keep fragile ornaments up high.

In the eyes of our furry friends, if it looks like toy, it must definitely be a toy. Unfortunately, when it comes to the ornaments on your tree, this is most definitely not the case. Keeping the majority of your ornaments up at the top of the tree will help keep both Fido and your decorations safe. To ensure the bottom half of your tree isn’t empty, we suggest subbing in some plastic ornaments instead.

And remember, if for some reason your furry friend does get into a bit of holiday mischief and begins feeling ill, call Upper East Side Animal Hospital at 212-396-3020 right away!

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