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Does My Dog Need a Winter Sweater?

This Saturday is Dress Up Your Pet Day, and the weather forecast for the Manhattan area is going to be a chilly one. That being said, it may behoove you to select a warm sweater or jacket as part of Fido’s fashionable ensemble. Here’s how to figure out if he or she will benefit from a winter sweater or not.

Consider Age

Is your dog a wee little pup? Or perhaps he’s a bit more senior and wise beyond his dog years. In both cases, adding another layer while suiting up for a walk can be beneficial. Both puppies and elderly dogs have weakened immune systems, making it easier for them to catch a cold.

Think Weight

Just like us humans, pups with less body fat will need some extra help warming up in the winter. Whether your dog is naturally thin, or has recently lost some weight, it may be a good idea to pick up a stylish new sweater in his or her size.

Review Breed

Certain breeds – think chihuahuas, greyhounds, terriers, toy breeds, etc. – are more likely to be caught roaming around in winter attire, and for good reason. Smaller dogs, and those with short hair, are more likely to need a jacket than larger ones with thick fur. Huskies, German Shepherds and Saint Bernards, for example, can do without the added layer.

Check Weather

When in doubt, always double check the forecast. Even if your dog is usually A-OK in a typical Manhattan snowstorm, a blizzard or particularly lengthy cold front can throw him or her for a loop. Our suggestion? Have a sweater on standby -just in case!

‘Tis the season for runny noses and drooping ears! If your poor pet should catch a cold this winter, the expert veterinarians at Upper East Side Animal Hospital are always only a phone call or click away. Just call us at 212-396-3020 or request your pet’s next appointment using or online form.

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