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A Day in the Life of Our Veterinarians

You may wonder what is it like being a veterinarian. Well, while life as a veterinarian is rewarding, it can also be challenging and demanding. It’s hard to describe a typical “day in the life” because everyday is different – which is what makes our job so interesting!

One day can be filled with dental procedures and surgical operations. While the next day can be filled with declawing, blood testing, and nail trimming. No matter what happens, the veterinarians at Upper East Side Animal Hospital are happy knowing they made a difference in an animal’s life – big or small.

In the morning…

We arrive to the hospital feeling prepared and ready to take on the day! We either get stopped in our tracks with an emergency case or we begin examining our patients with non life-threatening problems. Our appointments can range from new puppy or kitten health care visits, to vaccinations, suture removals, to spaying and neutering. Our mornings don’t stop and we are in full swing before some people even have the chance to press snooze on their alarm clock!

In the afternoon…

If all runs smoothly, by noon we are placing phone calls to our patients’ caretakers to report on laboratory results and check-in on patients that have left the hospital. We always want to ensure that the animals we treat are feeling well – even when they are no longer in our care! Mid-to-late afternoons are usually spent seeing more appointments that couldn’t come in for a morning check-up. If we have a chance, maybe we can stop to eat some lunch too!

Getting ready to leave…

Any other phone calls are returned and final notes on our patients are recorded. Lastly, we check-in on any remaining animals and give them a little more of our Upper East Side TLC! We say our goodbyes, but even when we are home, all of our patients are on our minds!

Being a veterinarian is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. Caring for pets and animals requires not only compassion, but patience and a strong work ethic. The days are not easy. They require all hands on deck at all times. But, at the end of the day, when you know you’ve helped your patient in a way no one else could, it makes it all worthwhile!

If you find your pet needing any veterinary care, visit Upper East Side Animal Hospital! We offer complete care for your pet, from routine check-ups, to dentistry and internal medicine. Our caring staff will treat your pet like family, because they are! Dial 212-396-3020 for more information.

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