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As part of our commitment to help your pet live a long and healthy life, we offer several services and products, including regular wellness exams, spays, neuters, parasite testing, micro-chipping, and prescription diet foods, as well as drop-off appointments. You read that right: you have the option of dropping off your pet for the day and picking them up later when it’s convenient for you!

From routine care and dentistry to internal medicine, Upper East Side Animal Hospital offers complete care for your pet. Our compassionate staff will treat your pet like family—because they are!

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Look no further than Upper East Side Animal Hospital. Getting to play a part in your best friend’s life journey is a privilege we don’t take lightly. We appreciate your entrusting your pets to our care. Our team of life-long animal lovers is highly skilled and driven by the desire to nurture the very special bond that exists between you and your best friend.

Vaccines are always free with exam!
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Upper East Side is temporarily closing for renovations starting May 27th

If you need an appointment after that day, we recommend you contact one of these nearby hospitals:

Carnegie Hill Veterinarians


The Village Veterinarian

Thank you for your support and patience!