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5 Tips to Care for Senior Dogs

As you may have imagined, senior dogs require different care than their younger, puppy friends. Keep in mind that larger breeds age faster than smaller ones, but nonetheless, every dog will one day reach senior status. When that does happen, here are five tips to keep top of mind to be ready!

  1. Choose a high quality diet. Just like with humans, your pup’s tummy can get more sensitive with age. Not only that, but he’ll need different vitamins and nutrients to keep him strong as he gets older. Make sure you do your research and read labels! Fatty acids like DHA and EPA are great supplements to an older dog’s diet.
  2. Don’t forget the walks. Just because he’s getting older, that doesn’t mean he has to become inactive! In fact, continuing physical activity as your dog ages can help keep him in better shape and avoid the risk of becoming overweight. Just take care to tailor exercises to your dog’s specific needs.
  3. Exercise his brain. Have plenty of toys, games and puzzles around for your pup to play with. Keeping him mentally stimulated is important!
  4. Brush those teeth! Don’t let your dog’s teeth decay. Instead, brush them regularly or consider dental treats and chews that help him keep his teeth clean. If you haven’t had a professional cleaning performed on Fido in a while, call your vet today!
  5. Schedule regular visits with your vet. Like humans, as dog’s age their bodies tend to need some extra TLC from the vet. Make sure you’re on top of check-ups and vaccinations by scheduling regular appointments at your local animal hospital.

Do you have a senior dog in need of a teeth cleaning? Or perhaps it’s just been a while since your last visit and you’d like to have him checked out and evaluated for a special diet. No matter what the reason, the veterinarians here at Upper East Side Animal Hospital can’t wait to meet you and care for your senior pup!

For more information on our pet diet and nutrition and overall canine wellness programs, call us at 212-396-3020 or submit a request to speak with a vet online.

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