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3 DIY Toys Your Dog Will Love!

Let’s face it — dog toys can be pretty darn expensive. Especially considering they usually end up in pieces all over the house, many of which can be a choking hazard if left lying around. Fortunately, your days of purchasing high-priced dog toys are over, thanks to these three simple DIY toy ideas you can create in your own home:

  1. The T-shirt/Ball Tug Toy: Have an old t-shirt lying around? Before you commit it to the trash or donation bin, dig up an old tennis ball and some scissors and get to work. Follow these simple directions from SheKnows, and in minutes you’ll have a sturdy chewable tug toy, for free!
  2. The Upcycled Water Bottle: Admit it, crunching on empty water bottles is one of your pet’s favorite pastimes. In fact, you’ve probably thought, “why do I even buy toys if he/she prefers water bottles,” at one point or another. Well, you’re right! With just a few simple steps from Ammo the Dachshund, some old sheets or a t-shirt, and a scissor, you can turn that boring old water bottle into a play-time favorite on a dime.
  3. The Easy T-shirt Braid: Old t-shirts seem to be a trend here — and you thought they were only good for the garbage! These simple steps from LVLY show you how to turn old t-shirts (or t-shirt yarn if you want to splurge) into a sturdy dog toy, perfect for tug-of-war.

Now that you’ll be saving some money on dog toys, why not put that extra cash towards an annual well-care plan at Upper East Side Animal Hospital? It’s simple – pay one price for one year of preventive care for your pet, and you’ll be able to bring that pet in for FREE as many times of you like during the year!

For more information about our annual canine well-care plans and feline well-care plans, dial 212-396-3020 today.

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