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The Most Common Cat Health Issues

By UESAH / December 3, 2016

Turns out – cats don’t really have nine lives. There are quite a few health problems that can arise in your furry little friend. Scheduling regular check-ups and getting required shots will help keep them in tip top shape – but there’s still more you can do. Keep an eye out for early warning signs…

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6 Table Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

By UESAH / November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving is a holiday surrounded by food and loved ones – including your four-legged friends! With the holiday only a week away, remember to stay grateful, but be cautious and keep foods containing these ingredients on your Thanksgiving table and away from your dogs. #1: Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine These three c’s are a big no…

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Your Best Doggie Dental Care Options

By UESAH / November 16, 2016

If Fido will allow, the best way to keep up with day-to-day dental hygiene is by brushing his teeth for him. There are a variety of finger brushes available at your local pet store, that can be paired with a ‘delicious’ meat flavored toothpaste! The more chances you have to sit your pup down and…

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How to Prep Your Pet for Surgery

By UESAH / November 9, 2016

If you’re ever gotten a surgical procedure yourself, or any type of medical treatment for that matter, you know that there are certain steps your doctor has asked you to take to prepare. Well, when it comes to preparing your pet for surgery, that same holds true. There are several important steps to take to…

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3 Healthy Home Cooked Meal Ideas For Your Dog

By UESAH / November 2, 2016

Keeping your pet’s nutrition top of mind is important from the moment you become their parent, and throughout every stage in their life. Just like humans, packing your pup’s belly with plenty of healthy foods will help him grow strong to lead a long, happy life. In honor of Go Cook For Your Pets Day,…

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The Facts About Getting Your Pet Fixed

By UESAH / October 20, 2016

We get it, as a new pet owner, it can be pretty scary to think about putting your poor little kitten or puppy under the knife. However, getting your pet spayed or neutered is the most responsible thing to do. That being said, we know that probably doesn’t make it any easier on you, but…

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6 Tips for Doggie Dental Hygiene

By UESAH / October 8, 2016

Did you know 80% of pets show signs of periodontal disease by the time they’re three years old? That’s why it’s so important to get your pups into a regular dental care regimen early on to avoid doggie dental issues later on in life. That being said, here are a few best practices we suggest:…

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Introducing Dr. Christina Colon!

By UESAH / October 1, 2016

From routine pet health care to specialized dentistry and internal medicine, the team here at Upper East Side Animal Hospital does it all! Our commitment to animal wellness is evident in everything we do and we strive to always put our best foot (or paw!) forward by putting your pet’s health first above all. We…

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